The Gatsby CLI

Part of what makes Gatsby a powerful frontend framework is its list of builtin commands via the Gatsby CLI tool. Commands such as gatsby new and gatsby build allow for a smooth experience with development and deployment, respectively. We are going to go beyond these common commands and explore some of the lesser known ones.

1) Discover other commands with "help"

As is usual with…

If you are new to JavaScript, this post will be helpful in getting you familiar with one its most common methods — toString()! If not, then this might be a nice refresher where you learn about alternate ways of using this method. Understanding these two interesting use-cases for toString() may help you save time and write less code.

Definition of toString() Method

In JavaScript, the method toString() is a prototype method of the Object class that returns a string representation of the object-type it is being invoked against.

For the first 100 days of 2021, as part of #100DaysOfCode, I am re-introducing myself to common JavaScript concepts and blogging about them! For this post, I am going to talk about closures and IIFEs and how important they can be in JavaScript programming.


In JavaScript, functions are considered to be “first-class” because, like other variables, they can be assigned as a value, passed as an argument and even returned from other functions! Because JS functions are regarded this way, each time they are created, they come with an ability to utilize variables from outside its scope. …

When Stars Collide: Art and Tech Together

When I was in middle and high school, prior to wanting to work in tech, I studied the arts. Vocal music, specifically. But I like to express myself in other art forms, like drawing and writing.

Remember In-Person Meetups?!

Earlier this year, before the advent of COVID-19, I attended my first in-person coding meetup in Pittsburgh, PA. I remember there were only a little over a half dozen of us that showed up. The general purpose was for the meetup to be a space fit for focus and deep work. Everybody mostly kept to themselves; headphones on. But I managed to connect with one person there, and we continue to stay in touch through social media.


One of the reasons why Gatsby is so powerful is that it comes with GraphQL built-in. GraphQL is a querying language that allows developers to query for and manipulate their site’s data (images, content, links, etc.). Its methodology for doing this borrows some of its terms from graph theory, like nodes and edges. While there are definitely other ways to query your site data besides GraphQL , doing so has many limits. GraphQL simplifies a lot site complexity, including:

  • Storing site data, such as images, links and node properties, in a single place
  • Utilizing edges and node to make queried…


Recently, I’ve been learning about React, an amazing Javascript library that allows for brilliant UI-building. It takes care of any frontend-centric duties and leaves the rest of the app is handled by whatever the developer decides to use. However, React can seem too heavy a tool to use depending on how big and complex we want our site to be. Similar to how Sinatra is a lightweight-alternative to Rails, we can use Gatsby!


In order to get the most out of Gatsby, you should be familiar with:

TL;DR — I worked in customer service at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for nearly 7 years prior to moving up to Massachusetts earlier this year. Prior to that, I attended two distinguished creative and performing arts public schools in Pittsburgh, Pa. After leaving my full-time job at CLP, I began a 4 and a half months-long coding bootcamp with the Flatiron School and I recently passed my final project review!

For my first Flatiron School project, I built a Ruby CLI application that utilizes basic programming concepts, object-oriented programming and works with third-party data (through means like web scraping or APIs). My project uses the NYT Books API to fetch category and bestseller data for the user to interact with. The user enters a date and picks a category to display the top 15 books from that particular Bestseller List. They can then select a book to get more information about it (description, pricing, etc). At the end of the program, the user has the two last choices:

  • end the…

One of the most notable things about the tech industry is that you don’t necessarily need a college degree to get a job. While a degree may help, demonstrating skills and presenting what you made is what really matters.

Brandon Dusch

Creative software engineer based in New England. Currently searching for a full-time entry-level role.

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